[permaculture] gaiaculture, symbiculture, ecolandtech, synergistic agriculture, permaculture

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 11 22:40:24 EST 2011

 From a thread at permies:
"i seldom use the word permaculture when talking to people because it 
can seem like another " gimicky thing" someone is trying to sell."
I use it all the time even to people I know have never heard of it. I 
ignore negative reactions while hoping for curiosity and interest in 
learning more leading to their becoming lifetime devotees and 

Someone suggested the term gaiaculture as an alternate to permaculture:

Gaia Stable - utilizing EcoLandTech - ecology-driven land use technology
- portal to an expanding global network of landtech pioneers -


Public awareness of The Gaia concept is becoming increasingly important, 
and in a big way. If they will just understand that the Earth functions 
as a single living organism
and that humankind's survival on our planet requires that the concept 
remain in the forefront of our minds daily, affecting decisions we make 
toward ours and others' survival and
well being.

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