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We might need a food revolution right here at home.
Bill Moyers gave a similar keynote address recently.
It makes one sick to think we could just as easily be in 1790 France.
He who has eats healthy food.  Let them eat cake, they say.
It's all such a suicidal race to kill off this planet and everyone on it.
Do the elite think they are immune to the effects of their greed?
Maybe in their pocket right now, but everyone dies.

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> boy 60 min. really exposed how easy it is to buy off and control the
> government by lobbyist .  the lobbyist wrote the laws.  greed greed greedy
> greed.  and Andy was worried about us on sanet lobbying .  he he no lobbing
> on Sanet .  when the real lobbyist is pay off what did he say over 100 him
> alone.  we have been saying for years the USDA is a revolving door.
> yeah he
> said offering a job to they government workers was the same as owning them.
> 60 min.  has nothing on Sanet we been talking about the revolving door at
> the USDA for years.  and this is our food supply were talking about.  The
> best government money can buy.   Thanks 60 min.  for the whistle  blower
> but
> every one know this is how it works.  its not some poor farmer on sanet
> begging us to tell  the government to do the right thing.  So you see how
> GMOs got into our food supply.  we knew that.  public comment met nothing .
> science nothing.  greed greed greedy greed.  he that has the gold rules.
> the will not label because they know many many  people do not want GMOs.
> The lobbyist pay big money to write the rules.  Did any one see 60 min.
> Nov.. 6 2011.  What do you all think ?????    That's your government they
> are buying.  It is Our  food supply they are controlling.
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