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Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sat Nov 5 02:02:26 EDT 2011

Fukuoka Natural Farming
do nothing farming, throwing seeds, greening the world


shikigami2011's photostream
a seven page photo gallery - fascinating; great photography

where the wild things are
–> http://nakazora.wordpress.com/

"–An especially interesting, unusually cultural aware blog (cross 
cultural marriage based aware) –New Zealander –Japanese –big Fukuoka 
Masanobu influence, but different influences and some aspects open 
mindedly at odds with him too.
On this blog and elsewhere of their materials i've read about their 
lives and farming in New Zealand and Japan. i've read elsewhere about 
their learnings and influence on them by, also Professor Haikai Tane (he 
in NZ Oz China ... "Koorinesian"), who also says he's greatly influenced 
by late Master Fukuoka Masanobu in turn. Further in turn, Prof. Haikai 
Tane has been the brains behind popularly famed, televised, published, 
Australian Peter Andrews of "Natural Sequence Farming" fame;
As not so widely known, and not advertised, in fact, late Master Fukuoka 
Masanobu is the brains behind not only much of all this above, but 
really also of the Fukuoka–misappropriation (knowledgeably i advise you 
all) so called PermaCultUre (–documented facts).

Perhaps Shikigami authors and Prof. Tane are members of our little group 
big phat! welcome, if you are here;
Our very–much–*partially* in touch with everything 福岡正信 Fukuoka 
Masanobu and 自然農法 Nature Farming (Natural Law), little group.
Some few of us members here are in touch sometimes with late Master 福岡 
正信 Fukuoka Masanobu's long term Japanese associates, when available, 
and i'm continuing my slow learning of Japanese language and culture, 
currently emphasising learning Japanese kanji (Chinese characters) 
writing. This learning is motivated much more by the late Master Fukuoka 
Masanobu based synergy, of my Oz nature farming life practise together 
with my Japanese language scholarly learning."

all the best,

Mr. Jason Stewart.
–Ozynesian :)
Some marvellous joy SHIKIGAMI shares.

"Their photostream has some brilliance, tried it just now for my first 
look, motivated more so for looking more by sharing the link and 
annotations with you all here."

-> http://www.flickr.com/photos/61315070@N05/6297717370/lightbox/

"Agree on the quotation: "i store meat in the belly of my brother" 
Pirahã person (via author Eisenstein's quoting)

Their photographs show some of their excellent mountain forest 自然農法 
(shizen nōhō) nature farming (natural law) practises, some in the true 
sense of late master Fukuoka, Masanobu.

Brilliance! i have a few specialised criticisms of previous points in 
earlier of their blog posts and so am not a fool for everything said, 
but that is all in the spirit of advancement. Their farming grows itself 
very well in my humble little opinion, as per late master Fukuoka, 
Masanobu; In a really temperate mountain climate—quite distinct climate 
from his really warm temperate/only–just–subtropical W Shikoku, S Japan 
family nature farm.

Love this one.
Not a need at all for reinterpretations into western–style–religion self 
inhibition/prohibition/limitation/restraint as they obviously have well 
got on the way of getting their–selves participating within nature 
around them—they've obviously really got the spirit of it well underway 
and being internalised so they less need external self–controls on 
themselves—exceeding the 
self–other/object–subject/nature–culture/body–earth non–existent (false) 
divide(s)。 Rene de Cartes was wrong!!! (clearly)!



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