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If anyone is interested in true natural Bee keeping here is a link for a 
  yahoo group that practices that.

Organicbeekeepers at yahoogroups.com

Here is also the site of a member that has most on the information on
line for free: http://www.bushfarms.com/beesnaturalcell.htm

The main concept for no treatment of the bees is to only feed them honey 
and natural pollen as well as to regress their size to 4.9 mm (now bees 
are much bigger). It is a quite simple concept but needs some effort at 
the beginning.

There are members that have not treated their hives with nothing (not
even natural substances i.e. EO) for decades.

I have no personal experience but i will be starting this spring
(March). I found out from a friend of mine who has about 300+ hives in
Canary islands.

Here is his site that has a lot of information:

as well as an article about cell size:

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