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eOrganic Goals

     To engage farmers, agricultural professionals and other members of 
the organic agriculture community with timely and relevant science-, 
experience-, and regulation-based information in a variety of media and 
educational formats
     To foster a national organic research and outreach community

eOrganic is the eXtension Resource Area for Organic Agriculture

You can find eOrganic’s resources for farmers, ranchers, agricultural 
professionals, certifiers, researchers and educators seeking reliable 
information on organic agriculture at eXtension (pronounced e-extension) 

eOrganic’s initial content focused on general organic agriculture, dairy 
production, and vegetable production, but eOrganic members are now 
developing content on other farming systems and topics. All content is 
collaboratively authored and peer-reviewed by eOrganic’s community of 
University researchers and Extension personnel, other agricultural 
professionals, farmers, and certifiers with experience and expertise in 
organic agriculture.
Resource Formats

     Articles: eOrganic’s articles cover everything from the nuts and 
bolts of organic production for beginners to the latest information and 
technology for advanced producers http://extension.org/organic_production.
     Videos: Because a moving picture is worth a thousand words, short 
video segments highlighting organic practices are featured at eOrganic. 
Producers and researchers demonstrate innovative cover cropping, reduced 
tillage, cultivation, soil management, pest management and marketing 
strategies. You can find eOrganic’s videos at eXtension 
(http://extension.org/article/18726) and at eOrganic’s Youtube site 
     Webinars: Our webinar series allows farmers, agricultural 
professionals and others to participate in live presentations by 
researchers, educators and farmers. To ask a question, participants type 
a question in the chat box. Find our archived webinars and upcoming 
webinar information at http://extension.org/organic_production
     Ask-an-Expert: People need answers to questions that aren’t 
currently answered in eOrganic’s content. To get an answer, eOrganic 
supports eXtension’s Ask-an-Expert. Users submit questions at 
eXtension.org and a community member or members with appropriate 
expertise reply to the request via email. Find Ask-an-Expert by clicking 
on the Question boxes in the upper right hand corner or at the bottom of 
any of eOrganic’s article pages.
     eOrganic members are now developing online short courses and 
additional opportunities to connect with organic practitioners and 
service providers.

eOrganic (at eOrganic.info) is a developing virtual organic agriculture 
research/outreach community

You can participate in a national organic agriculture research/outreach 
community at eOrganic.info, eOrganic’s virtual workspace and community 
hub. eOrganic community members convene at eOrganic.info to network, 
discuss, learn together, collaborate, manage research/outreach projects, 
and publish peer-reviewed articles, FAQs, videos, and other content to 

A central feature in eOrganic is the ability to join or create groups. 
Each group receives tools for project development including a group 
workspace where members can collaboratively edit documents and share 
files and photos. Groups also get a forum for discussion, a tool to make 
announcements, and a shared calendar. Groups can be subject-based for 
creating eXtension materials, or project-based for research groups. 
Project-based groups can use eOrganic for communication, collaborative 
document writing (proposals, reports, etc.), and publishing to eXtension.


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