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Lawrance, will you describe the no till drill planting by hand you wrote about?

On Nov 3, 2011, at 1:21 PM, Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:

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> Thomas:
> Is this your blog? This is excellent though in Norwegian.
> No till and chop and drop is what I now practice for maintenance; for 
> cropping I use minimal till with hand tools. I will experiment with 
> seedballs and no till drill planting by hand. It is amazing how my 
> fields and gardens have recovered and now flourish now that no vehicles 
> get near and most crop-predatory wildlife is gone due to fencing and 
> guard dogs. The new and interesting plant communities are fascinating.
> I am letting lambs quarters and wild millet go to seed as well as 
> daisies that flower now and feed the bees, goldenrod and ragweed.
> The wild bees have returned to my farm. I leave nearly empty jars of 
> leftover honey out for them and I see hundreds swarming over them 
> stocking up for winter.
> This no till and chop & drop is a great topic to explore here and I hope 
> others will join in.
> Thanks for X-posting the blog link.
> LL
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