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Who is who - On Seedballs

On Seedballs

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Restoration projects worldwide

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Row▲	Name	Country	Project	email	telephone	address	remarks	
1	Edit	Panaiotis Manikis	Greece	Green-Belt - European Natural Farming 
Center		Tel: +30 (0) 381 2731	Parodos Nikomidis 7, GR-58200 EDESSA 
Studied & worked with M. Fukuoka
2	Edit	Anthony Delfau	France	Independent	anthony.delfau at gmail.com			
3	Edit	Anthony Delfau	USA	Groundwork San Diego Chollas Creek / Earth 
Discovery Institute	anthony.delfau at gmail.com			Environmental education, 
ecological restoration: focus on culturally significant natives (edible, 
aromatic, medicinal, usable)
4	Edit	Anthony Delfau	Australia	Oxley Creek Catchment Association 
anthony.delfau at gmail.com			Ecological restoration: riparian zones
5	Edit	Derek Gripper	South-Africa	Independent	info at derekgripper.com		Red 
Hill, Western Cape	Long-time Fukuoka enthusiast, small-scale 
experiments, explorations into wider applications of Fukuoka's 
conclusions (music, education)
6	Edit	Jamie Nicol	Spain	Mas Franch	souscayrous at gmail.com	0034 972 
444345		http://www.masfranch.org
7	Edit	Jason	Koorie country (S.E. Australia -Oz)	Connected with and 
working with many people & organisations often-at-once-both 
professionally & personally,
within my own personal-sovereignty -
Koories, farmers, sustainability educators, governments, corporations, 
NGOs, charities, etc.	macropneuma (at) yahoo.com.au
animaphile (at) yahoo.com	Please email me first!	Far-east Gippsland, 
Victoria, Oz (pls email me first).	Actively "Caring for Country" with 
Koorie people -who are S.E. Oz Aborigines, or "Re-Wilding" or 
"Ecological restoration" or "Assisted Natural Regeneration" or "Nature 
Conservation" or "Bush Regeneration", and more, various activities and 
many connections in S. E. Australia, including working 
often-at-once-both professionally & personally with many people & 
organisations -Koories, farmers, sustainability educators, local, state 
& federal gov'ts, corporations, NGOs, charities, since 1986.
Also, far-east gippsland, victoria, private nature-farm, responsible for 
rainforest-type-land-area of about 30 acres: - re-wilding (ecological 
restoration) 27-29 acres of "Alluvial Terraces Warm Termperate 
Rainforest" generally; -special efforts mainly with Koorie plants & 
foods, like Bulbine lily, Sambucus, Rubus spp., etc and; - a few acres 
mixture of wild-plants-nature and 自然農法 (shizen nouhou) 
nature-farming following 福岡正信 Fukuoka Masanobu sensei; - gluten free 
staples grow there by 自然農法 nature-farming eg.: Amaranth, Quinoa, 
Buckwheat, and many more; -winter vegetables like 大根 daikon, mustards, 
kales, etc.; -summer: jerulsalem artichokes, non-hybrid corn, 
watermelons, tomatoes, etc.
Translating some of 福岡正信 Fukuoka Masanobu sensei's original Japanese 
writings, focusing on trying to elegantly translate his 哲学 
philosophies where he used Japanese Buddhist (& Taoist) terms.
8	Edit	Lokadin (nickname)	Canada	Independent - Experimenting with 
establishing edible plants in the wild. Forest gardener.			Don Mills, 
Toronto, Canada	
9	Edit	Ryuji Enokida	Japan	NPO Yokohama art project - Rainmaker 
Project	inquire at yokohama-artproject.com	+81-(0)467-24-1740	6-3-20, 
Oo-machi, Kamakura-shi, Pref. Kanagawa 248-0007 JAPAN	
10	Edit	Sandro Benedetti	Italy	Natural Agriculture - Italy	comunicazioni 
(at) naturalagriculture.eu	+39 393 372 5486	na	www.naturalagriculture.eu
11	Edit	Ian Woods - Tara Dixon
	Australia	The Nari Nari Tribal Council - Toogimbie 
narinari at bigpond.net.au	Ph: 02 6993 2243 Fax: 02 6993 2290	PO Box 75, 
Hay, NSW, 2711, Australia 	http://www.narinaritc.org/
12	Edit	Stephen Anderson	Australia	Upper Torrens Land Management 
Project	info at torrenslandcare.org	Phone: (08) 8568 1876 Fax: (08) 8568 
2699	Mount Pleasant Natural Resource Centre, 132 Melrose Street, Mount 
Pleasant SA 5235	http://www.torrenslandcare.org/
13	Edit	Marco	Italy	Natural Agriculture - Italy	info (at) 
naturalagriculture.eu	335 62 99 501		
14	Edit	Ruby Sheffer	USA	Independant	rubysheffer at earthlink.net	 
Phoenix, Arizona	Ruby is a biologist and has worked with seedballs.
15	Edit	Jennifer Fish	USA	Independent			Phoenix, Arizona	
16	Edit	Dipak Suchade	India	Natueco Farmer - Malpani Trust			Bajwada, 
Madya Pradesh.	
17	Edit	Andrew Mc Mahon	New-Zealand	Self-employed weed control and 
pest control.	sounds.weeds (at) kinect.co.nz		Marlborough Sounds region	
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