[permaculture] (Sub)urban Permaculture Elements

Bob Waldrop bwaldrop at cox.net
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This is an interesting list and article at the link.  The main thing I would 
add is more attention to the invisible structures. The way most cities and 
suburbs are constituted these days, a lot on that list would be illegal. 
Cities and their suburbs are full of traps like the one our Oklahoma City 
code enforcement just sprang on me which caused me to have to cut down five 
mature fruit trees, two of which were in full bloom when felled.

One of the biggest invisible structure issues with the suburbs is the 
mandated single family occupancy neighborhood. In such places, 
duplexes/triplexes, four-plexes are illegal, as are garage, attic, backyard 
and basement apartments. In general it is also illegal to operate a business 
in a suburban neighborhood.

I think that suburbs have a lot of potential, because of the lowered density 
of the settlement.  So there's lots of green space with food production 
potential, and also room to increase the population density without 
overpowering the food production capability -- IF the single family 
occupancy zoning designation is relegated to the dust bin of history.  One 
of the best apartments I ever had was in an old house which had been carved 
into five small apartments. It was perfect for me at the time, one room with 
a bath and kitchen attached, complete with a murphy bed that disappeared 
into the wall during the day.

I've always felt that as we reverse-engineer large cities and their suburbs 
to be more sustainable, what we end up with is a pattern of regional centers 
connected with transit options, each regional hub the center of several 
smaller village hubs, each in turn surrounded by neighborhoods of mixed use 
and varying density. Overall, the effect is a greater complexification and 
diversification of a territory.

Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City

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Hello Folks,

A while ago I posted here some ideas for suburban permaculture
elements.  There were a few suggestions which I added to my list which
I have made available as a link from the link below.  In addition to
that file (which is now kind of relegated to 'draft' status) I have
been thinking about how to develop a richer framework for suburban
economy.  I would really appreciate people's thoughts.

Suburban Permaculture: towards a pattern language | Perennial Ideas

I would really appreciate people comments, ideas suggestions.  I am
also looking for someone to give me some advice on how to actually
depict some of the relationships involved in linking these elements.

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