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Thanks for this post, it reminded me I've been meaning to look at anonymous
search for a while. There's also ixquick (https://www.ixquick.com/) and Duck
Duck Go (https://duckduckgo.com/). Duck Duck Go has a nice write up on why
anonymous search is important: http://donttrack.us/

For more tinfoil hat points, check out https://panopticlick.eff.org/ (shows
if your browser is giving out a unique ID) and
https://torproject.org/(anonymous proxying).

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> This article shows why using Scroogle is important:
> http://www.theaestheticpoetic.com/2007/08/06/scroogle-anonymous-search/
> "As web based applications become more and more integrated into our
> lives, it has never been easier to monitor our tastes, preferences and
> fascinations. Whether it's a social networking platform like Facebook or
> Myspace, or search providers like Google and Yahoo, a common trend is
> emerging - everyone is keeping track of our data.
> For example, every time an Internet user types something into the Google
> search bar, it is recorded and logged by the company on a server farm
> until 2038. Some people could really care less about this, while others
> hold their personal privacy in very high regard. Sometimes what we
> search on the Internet is private and knowing that your every move is
> being monitored stirs strange feelings. Big brother is always watching!
> To counter act your data being stored and scanned for God knows what
> data mining purposes, give Scroogle a try! Created by a former Google
> employee and owned and operated by Public Information Research, Inc., a
> nonprofit corporation that also operates Google Watch, Scroogle deletes
> all stored search logs after 48 hours and does not use any data storing
> cookies. Scroogle protects you by randomly generating an IP address that
> masks your own, while sending your search request off to Google. In
> essence, it allows you to search the web anonymously, without receiving
> Google advertisements. There is support for 28 languages, and Mozilla
> offers a Scroogle plugin for the Firefox search bar. Currently, it
> facilitates around 90,000 searches a day.
> Don't think services like this go unnoticed by the big boys, though.
> Microsoft has put a kibosh on Scroogle, and whether or not Google will
> challenge the legality of the search engine is at this point unknown."
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