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Was planning on doing this one of these days.

Better search homepage:

To easily add to Firefox or IE:

Just click the appropriate link on that page. Choose one with SSL so
it's a "secure" connection from your computer to the search engine. No
snooping by your internet provider.

Read up on what they are doing from the main Scroogle page:


"In some countries, the government could be monitoring your web activity
by requiring your service provider to log the sites you visit, and make
the logs available on demand. In fact, most governments wouldn't even
have to ask the service provider for this information. They could tap
the line upstream of the provider, and just look for packets containing
www.google.com/search. Next to this are your search terms in plain text,
with your IP address in the same packet. Government spies salivate at
the thought of data-mining this information. With your search terms
revealing what you are thinking, and the email you send revealing your
network of associates, that's almost everything they need to know about
you. "

Scroogle strips out all ads as well, you get ONLY the search.
It's limitation is that you need to add search for each language.

IxQuick is another alternative to Google.


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