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This article shows why using Scroogle is important:


"As web based applications become more and more integrated into our
lives, it has never been easier to monitor our tastes, preferences and
fascinations. Whether it's a social networking platform like Facebook or
Myspace, or search providers like Google and Yahoo, a common trend is
emerging - everyone is keeping track of our data.

For example, every time an Internet user types something into the Google
search bar, it is recorded and logged by the company on a server farm
until 2038. Some people could really care less about this, while others
hold their personal privacy in very high regard. Sometimes what we
search on the Internet is private and knowing that your every move is
being monitored stirs strange feelings. Big brother is always watching!

To counter act your data being stored and scanned for God knows what
data mining purposes, give Scroogle a try! Created by a former Google
employee and owned and operated by Public Information Research, Inc., a
nonprofit corporation that also operates Google Watch, Scroogle deletes
all stored search logs after 48 hours and does not use any data storing
cookies. Scroogle protects you by randomly generating an IP address that
masks your own, while sending your search request off to Google. In
essence, it allows you to search the web anonymously, without receiving
Google advertisements. There is support for 28 languages, and Mozilla
offers a Scroogle plugin for the Firefox search bar. Currently, it
facilitates around 90,000 searches a day.

Don't think services like this go unnoticed by the big boys, though.
Microsoft has put a kibosh on Scroogle, and whether or not Google will
challenge the legality of the search engine is at this point unknown."

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