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Thursday, May 26, 2011 Revision
Gardening Hand Tool Sourcelist

Biointensive Gardening Guide and Farm & Garden Hand Tool Sourcelist

Permanent Minimum-Till Biointensive Double-Dug Raised Bed Garden 
Preparation and Handtool Information & Sourcelist

(work-in-progress - updated frequently)

An excerpt from the latest version:

A brief update for those needing quick access to tool sources; most of 
this information is repeated below.
Your most often used garden tools will likely be:
Austrian scythe
hand sickles and machetes (different types from all over the world)
various eye hoes (Germany, Austria, Japan sources)
English-style D-handled spades, spade forks and digging forks
long handled sharp and flat point shovels
seeding rakes (Dutch or German)

This document lists most mail order sources for these tools.
Don't forget to fabricate some yourself in your shop or contract with 
local craftsmen (woodworkers, blacksmiths, welders, machinists)
I can provide in depth information on selection, sourcing and use of all 
these fine tools. Here are pictures of some of mine that are used
regularly for many different tasks:

Garden Tools


The Vidos (Kai, Peter, Alex and family); these folks wrote the book on 
traditional European scything:
They offer for sale an enormous array of Austrian scythes, snaths, 
sickles and accessories
and provide an encyclopedia of valuable information, links and reference 
Alexander Vido
71 Linden Avenue
Victoria, BC, V8V 4C9
phone: (250) 598-0588
scytheworks at shaw.ca
Scythe Connection
The Vido Family
1636 Kintore Road
Lower Kintore
New Brunswick, Canada
E7H 2L4
scythe at scytheconnection.com
phone: 506 273 3010 (a shack in the woods)
or 506 273 2977 ("office" on an adjacent property)
Both take messages and we check them daily.



Youtube comment with info:
"Efficiency is relative. Did you ever try to cut tall grass like that 
with a bicycle lawn-mower,
or any lawn-mower? The girl IS using her leg muscles to power her 
side-to-side movement.
The strain on her arms is minimal with this technique. Of course, the 
scythe must be the right
size for the user, and keeping the blade SHARP is crucial. Not 
all scythes are the same:
the Continental European ("Austrian") design is far more ergonomic than 
the American pattern,
but there's more to it than that..."

Scythe Connection

Scythe Supply
Carol Fishbein
An excellent company with very nice scythes  and lots of interesting, 
valuable information
and a lovely website. They have a very wide selection of scythe blades, 
some made in the 1970's,
and accessories
Scythe Supply
496 Shore Road
Perry, ME 04667
Phone is (207) 853-4750
Email contact: http://scythesupply.com/emailUs.php

The One Scythe Revolution
Botan Anderson
This is an excellent company offering traditional Austrian blades
and very fine Swiss snaths, whetstones, rakes, and other scythe accessories

Farm Hand Tools
Lehman's, One Lehman Circle, P.O. Box 270, Kidron, OH 44636 USA • Ph: 
Hours: Mon - Sat 8:00a.m. - 5:30p.m. | Thur 8:00a.m.- 8:00p.m. | Closed Sun


Hida Tool & Hardware Inc
1333 San Pablo Ave
Berkeley, California 94702
(510) 524-3700

Ridge-making hoe
Kusakichi Brand #553 Ridge Hoe
Gardening Hoe
An angled hoe designed to form the sides of a ditch. The total weight is 
3.75 lbs.
      blade length     overall size     price
N-7553     15inch x 6inch     48inch     $70.60

Eye hoe (farmer hoe)
Kusakichi Brand #524 Farmer Hoe
Traditional hand-forged farmer hoe. A bigger version of the middle 
farmer hoe. It is useful for moving soils and weeding. The total weight 
is 3.9 lbs.
         blade length     overall size     price
N-7524     7inch x 5inch     41inch     $50.20

Three-tined (wide blades) cultivating eye hoe
Kusakichi Brand #531 Farmer Rake
Gardening Hoe
A traditional hand-forged farmer rake. This tool is useful for turning 
soil and harvesting. The total weight is 4lbs.
Kusakichi Brand #531 Farmer Rake
         blade length     overall size     price
N-7531     8 5/8inch x 5 3/4inch     41 1/4inch     $60.00

Walk-Behind Tractors and Compatible Implements
hand tools for gardeners, homesteaders and farmers.
1525 Kays Branch Road
Owenton, KY 40359
(502) 484-3988 tel.
(502) 484-3357 fa

G30 - DeWit Seed Bed Rake
Made of forged steel, the 9 super-heavy duty tines are spaced nearly 2”
apart - perfect for ripping up and raking organic material out of old
seed beds without pulling all the soil out too. Straight neck allows you 
to flip over and use the back to flatten bed.
Head: 16.5" x 4"
Length: 74"
Weight: 4.4 lbs
Price: $59.00

53565 - SHW ‘Root’ Hoe
Heavier head for tougher chopping applications.
Head: 4.5" x 8.5"
Weight: 4.4 lbs
Length: 54"
Price: $43.00
Length: 75"
Price: $49.00

54306 - SHW Grape Hoe
The 'Big Mama' of hoes, available with your choice of two handle lengths
(head shipped dis-mounted from handle)
Head: 9.5" x 7"
Weight: 5 lbs
Length: 54"
Price: $46.00
Length: 75"
Price: $50.00

Gulland Forge Broadfork
We are extremely pleased to have forged a partnership with Larry Cooper, 
owner of Gulland Forge,
producer of this completely hand-made broadfork, which we feel is the 
finest on the market.
The five forged tines have a 9" penetration depth and have a working 
width of 17.5".
Supplied with custom-fitted ash handles and stainless steel bolts to 
hold them into the frame,
the care that goes into making each fork is apparent.
Both head and handles are coated with Linseed oil.
Overall Length: 57"
Overall Width: 21"
Tine Length: 9"
Tine Width: 17.5"
Weight: 15lbs
Price: $185.00

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