[permaculture] Bio digester percieved dangers

DGilsen at aol.com DGilsen at aol.com
Wed May 25 15:42:54 EDT 2011

Hi there guys I have used a biogas digester off and on for years.   They 
use them on poor farms built by undereducated farmers in India and they  make 
there biogas plants out of brick.  I had kids and so I dug a pit and  placed 
the tank I used in there.  Even with five kids and a neighbor  hood full of 
vandals I never had a problem.  Bio gas is very forgiving, but  even when 
the kids fooled with my system I never had any problems.  Those  kids heard 
form my kids that I was cooking and heating my water with farts. They  opened 
valves and fooled with every valve they could they ripped off the  hoses 
and pipes to smell the "farts"!  and no explosions!They drained my  gas tank 
several times to the air.  Finally I called all the kids and  parents in the 
neighbor hood and we had a "class" on the biogas system I had and  finally 
the little turkeys quit screwing around with my biogas tanks I also  fenced 
it off to limit access.
Bio gas  is explosive but not as bad as I have heard it was, and if  any 
system should have exploded mine should have ,but it didn't  Don't  worry 
about it.  Place the storage tank in a pit and fence it off, with  chain link.  
If it does explode the explosion is directed upward .

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