[permaculture] Permaculture Farming for Energy Descent: June 20-24, OSU Corvallis, OR

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*June 20-24, OSU Corvallis, OR*

*Permaculture Farming for Energy Descent – Course Outline (Draft: Subject to

This  course is about integrating the Permaculture design paradigm into
contemporary organic farming systems. We’ll learn about and tour many of the
components of local sustainable farm production: beans and grains,
vegetables, meat production, bamboo agroforestry, and multifunctional
hedgerows. We will then examine the Permaculture design system and look at
how a Permaculture farm could integrate these elements for a more diverse
and resilient agriculture.

*June 20: Day 1          The Big Picture*

*Meet at Oak Creek Center for Urban Horticulture (OCCUH)*

Presentation: Agriculture, Energy, and the State of Conventional and Organic
Farming – Jason Bradford

Presentation: Farm Scale Permaculture Systems – Andrew Millison

Fern Road Farm Tour w/ Gathering Together Farm: Pasture and Vegetables

Hands-on Activity

*June 21: Day 2          Site Analysis*

*Meet at OCCUH*

Presentation: Permaculture Site Analysis for Broad-scale Design – Andrew

Presentation: Fern Road Farm Conditions – Jason Bradford

Tour: A2R – Grains and Beans.

*June 22: Day 3          Agroforestry and Certification*

*Meet at OCCUH*

Presentation: Multifunctional Hedgerow Design at Fern Rd. Farm and other
sites – Jude Hobbs

Presentation: Farm Certification  - Jude Hobbs

*June 23: Day 4          Sustainable Farm Systems*

*Meet at OCCUH*

Site Tour and Presentation: Bamboo Agroforestry at Bamboo Valley – Dain

Presentation: Permaculture Design Principles as Applied to Farm Scale
Systems – Andrew Millison

Hands-on Hedgerow Activity

*June 24: Day 5          Design*

*Meet at OCCUH*

Site Analysis and Design Project - Fern Rd. Farm with Andrew Millison and
Jason Bradford.

Fern Road Farm is 150 acres located 6 miles from downtown Corvallis, with a
half mile of Mary’s River frontage. This idyllic Willamette Valley location
has stunning views of the coast range and is adjacent to one of the oldest
organic vegetable farms in the Valley. Organic lunch provided.
Cost: $300

*Registration:* http://hort.oregonstate.edu/2011_Permaculture_Courses

*Instructors: *

*Jason Bradford: *Dr. Bradford is a highly-regarded scientist and expert in
sustainability, who applied his understanding of ecology to become a
successful organic farmer. After receiving his doctorate, he worked on
issues related to species extinction and the overall decline in global
ecosystem integrity, funded by the National Science Foundation and the
National Geographic Society. Dr. Bradford was a leader of the Tropical
Ecosystem team of BioMERGE (www.columbia.edu/cu/biomerge ), a National
Science Foundation funded research network of over 100 scientists from 17
countries integrating the study of biodiversity and ecosystem function. Dr.
Bradford also taught Ecology at Washington University.
He is a board member
of the Post Carbon Institute, a staff contributor to The Oil Drum (
www.TheOilDrum.com ), and frequent public speaker. Dr. Bradford received his
Ph.D. in Evolution and Population Biology from Washington University in St.
Louis and his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of
California Davis, with High Honors.

*Andrew Millison* has been studying, designing, building, and teaching about
Permaculture systems since 1996. He is an instructor in the Department of
Horticulture at Oregon State University, teaching the Permaculture Design
Certificate Course. He has taught through other organizations including
Prescott College, the Ecosa Institute, and the Cascadia Permaculture
Institute. He instructs Advanced Permaculture Courses in Teaching, and has
guest instructed for esteemed Permaculture teachers Toby Hemenway and
Michael Pilarski.

Andrew spent years running a design and build Permaculture landscape
company, Millison Ecological Inc., where he completed large scale and high
profile projects including rockstar Maynard Keenan’s Merkin Vineyard: (
http://www.bloodintowine.com/, http://www.caduceus.org/ ), initiated the
well-known Ecohood project: (http://www.emagazine.com/view/?3066 ), worked
with ecological wastewater pioneer Dr. John Todd: (
http://www.beaverstatepermaculture.com/video/ecomachine-1 ), and worked with
Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan on heirloom fruit tree preservation to earn his
Master’s degree: (http://www.nativeseeds.org/regis-tree/home ). Andrew also
worked as a draftsman and designer in an ecological Landscape Architecture
office: (http://tbkadesign.com/rehabitation.php ) where he completed designs
at the commercial, municipal, and residential scales.

Andrew currently teaches and does freelance Permaculture design. His recent
designs range from 5-25 acres and documentation of his extensive portfolio
of hands-on projects, design work, and published articles can be viewed at
his website www.beaverstatepermaculture.com .

*Jude Hobbs:
*Jude Hobbs is a horticulturist, Permaculture designer,
co-founder of Cascadia Permaculture Institute and a Field Director for
Permaculture USA. She has developed projects in rural, residential,
commercial, and institutional settings.

In 1982, Jude founded Cascadia
Landscape Design, a business specializing in integrating permaculture
techniques that blend function and aesthetics. As part of the design process
she works with clients to create a master plan based on whole systems. These
systems may include: structure types and locations, water harvesting, soil
building, appropriate plant selection, animals, forestry, and appropriate
technology. These elements endeavor to provide year round productivity and
Jude also works with farmers through Agro-Ecology Northwest, doing
consulting, research and site assessments. She offers design plans that
emphasize efficiency and productivity. Her experience working on farms and
ranches allows her an understanding of the challenges that interface farming
and economic realities.

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