[permaculture] Adequate Plant Species Data-Base

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Mon May 23 11:28:53 EDT 2011

Hello Laura,

No, I don't know of one.  I'm beginning to collaborate with some folk
to develop something that might be used in this way.

At the moment, I think that there are just a number of steps in thought
that have to be passed through to determine adequacy.

I have recently written two posts on the topic dealing with
Mediterranean climates particularly:

Part I — Strategies for developing a (Mediterranean climate)
 Permaculture Plant Palette | http://bit.ly/lffEkE

Part II — Strategies for developing a (Mediterranean climate)
Permaculture Plant Palette | http://bit.ly/mEHwPd

I would be very interested to hear what you do come up with if you
develop a kid-friendly way of approaching these problems.


On Mon, 23 May 2011 10:06:59 -0500
Laura Vargas <laura at somosazucar.org> wrote:

> Hello.
> Is there is such thing as an *Adequate Plant Species Data-Base?*. We
> need the kids to be able to identify the most suitable/sustainable
> species for their specific conditions.
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Laura V.
> Malla Project Team Leader
> http://sugarlabs.org/
> http://somosazucar.org/
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