[permaculture] Food forest on the rez

Cory Brennan cory8570 at yahoo.com
Fri May 20 01:35:08 EDT 2011

We want to put a food forest on the rez (Pine Ridge Lakota reservation) this spring as a demonstration and propagation site, but we're also doing a large kitchen garden and some other projects that took up our budget, so we had put that idea aside - until someone made a Kickstarter video for us and it started raising funds. We got excited - we now feel we can do this!  We have the manpower and equipment to get the holes dug, windbreak trees in, swales put in, etc. We're planning a no-irrigation food forest that will be self-contained. We've been madly researching and want to experiment with a number of fruit species, using some microclimates to get them to grow in this relatively harsh climate. We are really excited about this because it is getting some interest and support on the rez and we think it will catch on. Along with the food forest will be youth tree planting events, education, outreach, etc. If we get enough funds we could get our
 permaculture bus repaired and activated and take our show on the rez road.  Please consider supporting the project and forwarding to your friends!  
Mitakuye Oyasin,
Cory Brennanfacebook.com/olcerifacebook.com/permacultureguild4olceri.org

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