[permaculture] hugelculture depth

John Fritz johnfritz77 at yahoo.com
Wed May 18 15:00:53 EDT 2011

In a  video I saw yesterday Paul Wheaton talked about hugelculture (am I 
spelling that correctly?) and how these soils can be made to six feet deep.
This got me to thinking.  I would love to have topsoil to a depth of six feet, 
but seeings how the hugelculture sits atop the native soil (doesn't it?) it 
would seem that having this to a depth of six feet would be quite unweildy.   
Just at face value it would seem that, at six feet, one would need very narrow 
rows in order to reach the center of each row.  Am I missing something?  How 
would one cultivate a hugelculture soil that is six feet deep if it sits atop 
the native soil?

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