[permaculture] Using Algal Mats as a Soil Amendment

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I had a neighbor in Florida who used hyacinth as his lawn treatment. He'd just spread it on the lawn, let it dry and mow it in. I never understood why it didn't cause the grass to go yellow while it was covered, but it never did. Maybe he didn't leave it out there as long as it seemed. He had a great lawn, I'm sure at least in part due to all the biota caught in the roots.


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We have literally tons of algae cleaned out of rivers here in North Central Florida. Algae is known to hyperconcentrate and fix nitrogen as well as carbon. Is there anyone out there experimenting with using algal mats as a soil amendment. We just began sun drying it and using it in our gardens with amazing results and I am curious if there are any other folks who have experimented or know of any research on the subject. 
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