[permaculture] Roofing materials and water collection

Jason Gerhardt jasongerhardt at gmail.com
Sat May 14 18:26:05 EDT 2011

I will second the opinion for baked enamel metal roofing.  It is important
to install a first flush system to catch the initial flow that will be dust,
particle, bird poop, laden.  Folks in Tucson, AZ regularly drink their roof
water from the same roofing material.  If they do it in Tucson, I would
think where you are located will have much less pollutant potential.  Dust
will be the biggest factor considering the high winds of your area.

I'll be sure to ask Brad Lancaster and Barbara Rose in Tucson when I am down
at their sites next week to see if they have encountered any problems over
the years with drinking water.  I am particularly interested in knowing if
they deem a filter setup to be necessary.  I'll report back...


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