[permaculture] Permaculture and horses

brent at gp.org brent at gp.org
Fri May 13 11:33:01 EDT 2011

Hi Cory:

Check out Natural Horse Magazine:

In the summer of 2007 I was invited to visit the farm of the owner of the
magazine, Randi and Gene Peters and given the full tour.

I was working at a convention in Reading, PA and met Randi and Gene there.
They invited several of us to come out and spend an afternoon at their
place following the convention. It was inspiring.

I believe that they would be a great resource for what you are looking for.

Brent McMillan, Steward of Woodhaven
Avilla, IN USA

> Question:  Does anybody here do permaculture with horses on range? Or do
> you know of someone who does do that?  Or Holistic Management with
> horses? 
> C
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