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We've designed a few new courses that some of you may or may not find

These will be rolled out this year on our tour of Europe starting later this
month and then into other markets around the world from 2012. As of 2012 we
will be no longer running Keyline*®* Farming or Keyline*®* Design Courses.
This is not due to any dispute or schism or other conspiracy, rumour or
otherwise, but rather that we have determined that whilst Keyline*®* Design
is a big part of RegenAG*®*, the new courses that we have developed are more
than Keyline*®* and so it is inappropriate to represent them solely as this
discipline. The Yeomans family in Ken & Allan, along with their staff, have
been very supportive of our work over the years and continue to be and we
want to honour them for their, and their father's work by not
misrepresenting their valuable reputation and brand as we head into the next
stages of our own work with RegenAG*®*.

An overview of RegenAG*®* and the new courses are listed as follows with the
links to the detailed outlines (in Google Docs) in the headers:

*RegenAG® <http://regenag.com/web/> Overview*

* *

After nearly 20 years of designing and developing integrated agricultural
projects with the last 4 years developing & delivering Keyline® Design,
Carbon Farming, Carbon Economy Courses around the world, Lisa Heenan
& Darren J. Doherty in 2009 initiated *RegenAG®, *together with other
farming families across the globe, including Kirsten Bradley & Nick Ritar,
Georgie & Kym Kruse, Nina Grundner & Ben Falloon, and more recently Eliza
Pearson & Ned RocknRoll. Together we work toward delivering the* Charter
of RegenAG®*:

 *'...provide the potential for people to be informed about the regenerative
economy, whether it involves their work in agriculture, land
management, corporate life, domestic services, manufacturing or other
activities that are within the domain of humans…*'

This charter is enacted through education around the 4 Tenets of RegenAG®:
Holistic Management® (Decisions), Keyline® Farming (Landscape), BioFertile
Farms (Nutrients) & Local Farms & Communities (Economy). Following a
successful start up year in Australia & New Zealand where over 2100 people
attended courses and seminars, we have developed a bright new set of
pedagogies titled: *RegenAG® Workshop (RAW), RegenAG® Course (RAC), RegenAG®
Advanced Design Course (RAD) & RegenAG® Practicum (RAP). *

The brief descriptions of these courses are as follows:

*RegenAG® Workshop
 *is a relatively brief seminar of between 1-2 hours right up to 3 days
which describes and where possible demonstrates the broad principles of
Regenerative Agriculture where there no assessment of attendees. In its
shortest format this '*Introduction to RegenAG®**' *involves delivery of a
highly visual presentation and in longer formats of 1-3 days has a
combination of presentation along with field demonstrations of some core
elements of RegenAG®: Holistic Management® Grazing Systems, Site Analysis &
Biological Monitoring, GIS/GPS Use, Basic Surveying, Keyline® Farming,
BioFertilizers & Integrated Polycultures. The RAW is intended for anybody
who works in rural landscape management and who wants an introduction as
opposed to a course.

*RegenAG® Course
 *expands on the information provided in the RAW over a 5-10 day period with
more in-depth delivery of each of the '*10 RegenAG® Elements'*: Climate,
Geography, Water, Access, Forestry, Buildings, SubDivision, Soils,
PolyMarketing & Energy. The delivery of these topics is via interactive
presentations, workgroups, field exercises & demonstrations. Course
practicums focus on Soil Development, BioFertiliser Production, Water
Management, Livestock Management & Site Analysis/Surveying skills. Attendees
gain experiential understanding of the core 10 *RegenAG® Elements *allowing
them to take these to their own holdings and those of their clients. The RAC
is a course for people who work in the field though for professionals the
RAC will prove invaluable in expanding their skills base.

* *

*RegenAG® Advanced Design Course
 *focusses on the development of professional design and consulting skills
needed in Regenerative Agriculture. This course runs from a workshop length
of 3 days right up to 8-10 days. Using real projects as the subject of this
course, attendees are guided through the processes involved in a
professional design, development & management consultancy, which we call '*Our
Works Pattern*': 1. Data Collation, 2. Concept Design, 3. Detail Design, 4.
Budgeting 5. Scheduling, 6. Implementation & 7. Management.  The RAD starts
out with attendees covering topics such as Methods of Design, Tools for
Design, Design Parameters and Site Analysis ahead of engaging in the process
of designing the project site itself. Next we get to work on the project
design, addressing each of the *10 RegenAG® Elements*, developing layers of
design together with strategies for implementation & management. The RAD is
for people who are professionally involved in rural landscape management as
advisors and managers or want to develop the skills needed to 'do it
themselves' on their own holding.

*RegenAG® Practicum (RAP) *are experiential project development-based
workshops where participants are involved in the process of implementing a
RegenAG system which might include:  Management Intensive Grazing Systems,
Soil Development, BioGas Installation, Ferrocement Water Storage,
BioFertiliser Plant, Tree Establishment, Silviculture, Water Harvesting
Earthworks, Field Analysis & Survey. These experiential skills are essential
for the development and maintenance of productive local communities and
farms and these practicums are most effective at increasing attendee's
capacity and capability. The RAP workshops are for anybody who wants to
build their physical skills as part of regenerative landscape management.
(*Please note that there is no outline for the RAP at this stage hence the
absence of a hyperlink)

Thanks and all the best,

Darren J. Doherty

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