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Hello folks,

one of the abstracts that I included in an earlier post was presented as 
part of the following symposium.

Symposium on 'Geographical and geological influences on nutrition', The 
Summer Meeting of the Nutrition Society, University of Surrey, Guildford 

,30 June–2 July 2009.

the following description of the symposium may be of interest:

focused on 1) vitamin D, worldwide insufficiency and the effects on
health. 2) selenium and its distribution in the environment and impacts
on health and nutrition 3) iodine deficiency which is not just a problem
  for the developing world.  During the latter session it was highlighted
  that Iodine deficiency is becoming increasingly common in the UK, which
  may be explained by a reduction in iodine-containing sanitizer use by
the dairy industry, despite this milk remains a major source of iodine
in the UK diet.

The afternoon session consisted of a postgraduate symposium, during
which on presentation focused on acid-base homeostasis and the positive
effect of dietary alkalinity on bone health.  It was explained that the
typical Western diet is acidic which causes bone loss. However
consumption of alkaline-forming foods such as fruit and vegetables will
help neutralise this acid. Cheese is acidic; however milk and yogurt are
  borderline alkaline foods. Therefore it was concluded that consumption
of fruits and vegetables need to be encouraged for bone health and
combining these with milk could be ideal.
Joel Gruver

School of Agriculture

Western Illinois University

jgruv at hotmail.com

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