[permaculture] Used keyline plow for sale?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Tue May 10 11:11:24 EDT 2011

On 5/9/2011 10:44 PM, Glenn Gall wrote:
> Gents&  Ladies --
> I would like to purchase a keyline plow, but need to minimize the cost, so
> thank you for this discussion.  Knowing little about tractor farming, I do
> have a few questions.
> Darren, you mention only needing a bar and shanks.  Are coulters necessary?
> They're always included in quotes.  Do they reduce strain on the shank or
> the force needed?  What is their purpose?
> I have received quotes from both Purdy and MFI.  As far as the edge of one
> rep over another, the two quotes I have are fairly close, but were sent at
> different times, so I can't really judge.  I can vouch for Mr. Purdy's
> helpfulness, as he has provided considerable insight into many aspects of
> the plow, so I'm not yet willing to say "case closed."

Could you post information about Royal Purdy and his Yeoman's plow 
dealership? I did not know about this option. It would be good for 
others interested in owning and using a Yeomans to have easy access to 
contact information for all the dealers, at least ones serving the 
farming and permaculture community here in the USA.

As I see it, as far as tractor-drawn implements is concerned, the 
Yeomans is indispensible to any serious farmer, gardener or permaculture 
Yeomans + hand tools
Yeomans, bottom plough, spring tooth field cultivator, rototiller, 
hiller-bedder plus annual Yeomans ploughing for subsoil tilth 
maintenance and nothing else other than hand tool usage to restore depth 
of tilth without turning the soil and disturbing soil dwelling organisms.

Coulters are probably very useful when you are using the Yeomans to
restore or maintain depth of tilth and improve water infiltration and 
retention in a planted field or pasture.

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