[permaculture] Farm Bill partly written by permaculturist?

Cory Brennan cory8570 at yahoo.com
Thu May 5 02:24:37 EDT 2011

Someone just told me that Obama's cousin is a permaculturist who helped write some conservation stuff into the Farm Bill and Conservation Service stuff at Federal level. He is a relatively dependable source who has dealings with federal monies but I would need to verify this one. I have not had any time to check this out or verify/not verify it. He also said the moneys he allocated were not utilized very well because nobody that usually handles this money knew how to use it. If this rumor is even slightly true, we should be all over this (those of us inclined to this aspect of permaculture - converting farms to sustainable practices and regenerating environments). Working with Extension services, you sometimes do not have to be able to write the grants, they will do it or help , as long as you have a place to do the work or a client that has a place. 

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