[permaculture] Used keyline plow for sale?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Fri May 6 09:28:55 EDT 2011

On 5/6/2011 4:01 AM, Darren Doherty wrote:
> G'day Lawrence,
> Unless I am mistaken that is exactly what I did: I recommended either
> Market Farming or Royal Purdy supply shanks and local frames!! So
> don't know what tree you're barking up there matey! I don't know
> anybody else that did Market Farming's job better than us in 2007 as
> we hoiked a fully optioned plow from NY all the way to Wisconsin and
> down to route 40 then across to CA with our family of 5 and Yeomans
> rep Keith Ryan in a 5 seater...tight trip that was on the Keyline
> Design tour back then so go real easy suggesting the locals are doing
> a sterling job in getting this equisite tool out there....IMO the
> local marketing of these implements has been breathtakingly
> limited....At least Royal has a website (which I linked) and he has
> sponsored both myself and Geoff Lawton (though Geoff doesn't do
> Keyline) to do workshops in the US.
> As for the Yeoman's the toolbars that they make are designed to
> accomodate the full suite of equipment and have features that improve
> their user-friendliness, a factor that one would only understand when
> owning and operating one. Allan Yeomans and crew put a lot of
> feedback-based thought into their frames and when you use them you
> appreciate this. As we say the only bad thing about the Yeomans Plow
> frames is the paint-job! The frames that I have seen in the US have
> been a bit light on compared with the Yeomans models, especially the
> cross beams. I can't recall whether they use 1/2" wall thickness on
> the 4" RHS or not like Yeomans do.

As I said before, if people do not know about Market Farm Implement 
(that's what its name is, not Market Farming), have accurate information 
about them and do business with them to acquire Yeomans tooling then 
they may not carry that line any more. They go to a lot of trouble and 
expense to import Yeomans plows and have become the easiest, more 
reliable source for them in the USA. Is there another US company you can 
telephone and securely, with confidence, order Yeoman's equipment on the 
spot for a non-artificially-inflated price, and have it delivered to 
your property within a week or so plus buy spare parts for it whenever 
you need them? If so please let us know as it would be good for people 
to have more than one option. As for toolbars, Roll-A-Cone, Mfg. will 
fabricate any configuration you specify for an unbelievably low price, 
single, double toolbars, with or without level adjusting pneumatic 
tires, whatever you want. Keep it simple and don't buy more than you 
actually need. I have seen pictures of the very fine Yeomans toolbars 
and mounting accessories and they are very good. Where
are you going to find an importer for them in the US and for a resonable 
price. There's no replacement foe the Yeomans but toolbars are another 
matter. The toolbar system you need to have depends on what you're using 
the Yeomans for and how often your use it. You may need Yeomans 
accessories for it and will need to import them or have them made in the 
US, if that is possible or fabricate an alternate. Look at the pictures 
of Eric Kindberg's equipment and you will see the possibilities. Complex 
implementdesign and fabrication is done homebrew, on-farm all the time 
here in the US. Noone has come up with anything close to the Yeomans 
plow, though.

Contact info for US Yeomans plow and accessory dealer:

Market Farm Implement
257 Fawn Hollow Road
Friedens, Pa. 15541
Phone: (814)-443-1931

US toolbar system manufacturer for Yeomans plows:

Roll-A-Cone Manufacturing Company
Phone:  (806) 668-4722
Fax:  (806) 668-4725
Mail:  7655 Roll-A-Cone Road,  Tulia, TX 79088
E-mail:  jbyrd_61 at midplains.coop
Phone: (814)-443-1931
Roll-A-Cone is a manufacturer and distributor of quality farm equipment. 
  Our product line ranges from shank holders and plow frame hitches to 
65-foot plows with every attachment imaginable.  Most of our products 
are manufactured right here in our 5-acre shop in Tulia, Texas!

Pictures of a 3 shank Yeomans plow array mounted on an 8' Roll-A-Cone 
toolbar system:

Lawrence London Picasaweb Gallery: Tractor Equipment

There are also pictures in that gallery of other interesting implements 
for raised bd farming that Eric Kindberg designed and fabricated, tested 
and used in market farming.

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