[permaculture] Aquaponics + Biogas + Green Business = Food & Energy Independence

S P SHERMAN spsherm at msn.com
Tue May 3 19:27:51 EDT 2011

I would have to admit to harboring the same thoughts Jason.
In some ways, aquaponics would seem to be the antithesis of a permaculture system. One has to artificially create and monitor the supply systems which the plants rely upon.  And personally I find it hard to believe that they can successfully supply the full range of nutrients and micro nutrients as well as a  mineralized soil based agriculture can.
However there are niches where it seems an aquaponics growing system would mesh nicely into other pieces which happen to be available (say in a urban greenhouse environment). And perhaps in those cases, especially when the location is not at ground level and cannot easily suport a soil environment, an aquaponics component makes sense.
I think it would be an interesting comparison to see the results from an aquaponics system compared to a "good" soil based results; both from the point of view of yeilds as well as nutritional content of the produce, and energy inputs required.


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