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Wed May 4 18:08:57 EDT 2011

legitimate and was genuinely set up to support permaculture & related 
environmental work. With the experience of already operating a successful 
MLM health business he's using those skills to raise funds to work for 
the environment. How many foundations and charitable organisations employ 
or contract professional fundraisers to raise funds on a commission basis 
- they're a dime a dozen - the Permaworld Foundation is different in that 
it uses the strategy of network marketting where the commission is spread 
amongst the subscribers. By giving, they can also receive - it's quite an 
interesting twist . Some participants will be motivated by greed, others 
by a desire to help a good cause. 

Back to fundraising - consider how much time and energy is spent by 
(mainly) volunteers for environment & pc organisations & projects to 
raise funds, solicit donations, seek out sponsors, burnout on big events, 
write grant submissions (and redefine the project to fit the conditions), 
and the subsequent toll on the volunteers finances, family life and 
health.... here we have someone that's set up a system to raise the funds 
and all we have to do is work out the best way to use them. The 
permaworld subscribers choose which organisation they want to support, so 
there's a lot of people out there who have chosen Permaculture 
International. The only real conditions of Permaworld is that they 
receive a legitimate receipt for the money, that it's used to further 
permaculture and the earthcare ethics and that their subscribers get web 
reports on what the money is being used for.

As a member of the board of directors of PIL I am very mindful of the 
risks of funding dependency and concerned that these funds be used wisely 
to assist PIL regain a secure financial footing so it can deliver its 
vision in serving the needs of and supporting the wider pc community. To 
do this it needs viable income generating activities, to develop these it 
needs start-up capital. There is also the big wish list of PIL's 
membership to set up a professional association, to accredit pc training, 
to get some kind of publication going again etc that all require 
financial input to get going and once operating be self-funding for their 
ongoing survival. The new PIL board (AGM will be at the August pc 
gathering) will need to establish parameters and guidelines for the use 
of these funds - how much goes into core admin and resources, how much to 
PIL special projects, member services and income generating activities 
and how much will be dispersed to assist permaculture projects especially 
in developing countries.

Having experienced first hand as a director the frustrations of PIL's 
cash flow debilitation since the demise of the journal, the funds from 
permaworld are injecting a new life and hope into the organisation. 

You don't have to participate or promote the Permaworld system, but 
there's no need to badmouth and misrepresent a legitimate initiative 
aimed at supporting permaculture on its weakest aspect which is the 
aquiring of funds to further its work. 

everything works both ways


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