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Forest -an outdoor classroom' (1996, Nuttall C; FeFL Books, Brisbane,

Material on permaculture in schools appears to be rare. In Australia,
permaculture involvement in schools has tapered off and I am unaware of
anyone currently involved in the practice. I would check with UK
permaculture people.

...Russ Grayson; Sydney, Australia.

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> hello there,
> i recently read in a zine called family instincts that a woman named robin
> mccurdy in new zealand was working on a permaculture curriculum for kids, and
> when it is completed, it will be offered through the permaculture activist.
> this zine was published back in the late 80's and i am assuming that it is
> complete by now. any information regarding children and permaculture would be
> greatly appreciated, as if it does not exist, i will put something together
> myself. thanks so much for your time,
> kristi harris
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