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Wed May 4 18:08:57 EDT 2011

"Cultivate Practical Skills for Growing your own Food and Medicine,
Building your own earth-friendly House, and helping Restore your
Community to vital sustainability"

The course curriculum will cover the 72-hour requirement for
Permaculture design training and participants who complete the course
will receive a certificate authorizing them to use the term in pursuit
of a livelihood.

Subjects include:
Ethics and Principles
Observation, Pattern & Design
Ecosystems, Climate & Biogeography
Forests, Soils, and Water
The Design of the Home
Natural Building Systems
Energy and Waste Treatment
Appropriate Technology
Gardens and Food Storage
Plants, Animals, and Aquaculture
Design of Towns and Villages
Economic and Financial Systems
Broadscale Agriculture and Land Managment.
Tools for the Designer
Creating a Livelihood

Permaculture Advance course on Ecovillage Design

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