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Wed May 4 18:08:57 EDT 2011

they're different manners of doing.  

In my early attempts to describe my degree program, I often resorted to
the idea "inter-disciplinary," partly because more people could latch
onto that idea.  Eventually I understood that it was not
"inter-disciplinary," because it was not "discipline-based" at all but
rather design-based.  So if PC is design-based (that's my
understanding), it is "done differently" than what we call

> I¹ve argued elsewhere that permaculture is a "meta-discipline" that 
> organizes other disciplines,...But doesn¹t geology or evolutionary 
> biology do the same thing...

We can and do do that under the rubric "PC," and I also feel that
there's more than that.  Again, it's a different manner of doing (but
only when it is...;-).

> I¹m puzzled as to where permaculture fits into our system of
> knowledge. It doesn¹t seem to fit very neatly, and that may be why it

> makes such few inroads into the mainstream. 

How about we just let it lie there and flop around vigorously, not
fitting in.  That can draw quite a crowd sometimes...

How much of wanting "fitting in" is our own personal baggage (fear)?
What does "fitting in" really mean, anyhow?

I figure any little bit of change someone makes towards looking at
relations and patterns more than "things," treating each other as human
beings instead of production units/tools/objects, thinking and looking
and understanding for themselves, etc. etc. just may be PC happening. 
PC fits in anywhere, when I ask people "what do you want?"  

> Well, I didn¹t intend to raise quite so many questions when I started
> this.

Hey, three cheers for questions!
"Computers!?  What good are computers?  They only give answers."
- Pablo Picasso

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