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"Here is a challenge to anyone hoping to leave his or her mark
This project can be accomplished in a very decentralized manner. It
may be a
paragon of globally decentralized work of any type. The inventory
actually benefits from
the redundancy natural in such decentralized efforts. Most of the
preliminary sorting work, and an increasing volume of taxonomic
naming, will take
place in small corners of the world, thus spreading the work to a
diverse group of
nationalities and biomes. Most of middle management can be
accomplished by Linux
servers. Most of the money poured into the project will make its way
to collectors and
naturalists far from the source of that money, and often in places
where precious little
other money flows in. Lastly, the many students, or indigenous
naturalists, or lonely
local experts put to work by this project would come away with both
taxonomic skills (now rapidly disappearing from science) and other
marketable new
skills of managing global databases and information flows. Here is a
challenge to
anyone hoping to leave his or her mark in a big way. Can you imagine a
project other
than All Species Inventory with a larger global impact (more countries
touched), that
would consume less internal resources, require less staff, generate
more scientific
knowledge and more commercial products, serve the beleaguered
more, further increase appreciation of Earth as much, and do a better
job of satisfying
our longing to do something bigger than ourselves? Write us if you
-- Kevin Kelly

Mr. Kelly is editor and publisher of Whole Earth from 1984 to 1990,
continues his amazingly Big Picture pursuits. In this neo-biological
civilization, he has integrated his digital past (the WELL, the
Hackers Conference, Cyberthon, and WIRED) with urgent
concerns for environmental crises. His books include: Out of Control:
The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems and the Economic World;
and New Rules for the New Economy.

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