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Wed May 4 18:08:57 EDT 2011

Aeration (oxygen) used to increase temps ; pH should be about neutral
under aerobic conditions, lower under anaerobic cond. ; moisture
suggested 60%+-10.

That's all I have here. It's probably not exactly what you wanted but it
gives an idea of temperature levels. Guy

>>> "Lawrence F. London, Jr." <lflondon at> 01/02/01
09:24pm >>>
Anyone have any figures for comost pile temperatures?


Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 12:34:26 -0500
To: lflondon at
From: Shawn Trokhan <shawn at>
Subject: Compost

I read one of your messages on a newsgroup concerning composting,
I was wondering if you would be able to help me find some 
information.  I am trying to find out how much heat energy (BTUs) is 
produced by a well maintained compost pile.  If you know where I 
could find this info, I would really appreciate you emailing me back.

Shawn Trokhan

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