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Wed May 4 18:08:57 EDT 2011

stable for quite some time (in human terms, anyhow ;-).  My approach on that
piece of land is therefore to disturb the existing balance as little as
possible while adding to the mix non-invasive natives and non-natives that
will produce food and fiber not provided by what is already there.

If I had instead an acre like others in the area that had been cleared
recently, or cleared long ago and since overrun by invasive exotics, I would
definitely need other approaches.

Surrounding systems - their nature and proximity - can also play a
significant role.  I have the luxury of the surrounding land being also
relatively free of the worst invasive exotics - I do not have them right at
my borders.  If the land next door were overrun by banana poka, strawberry
guava, etc. I would need other strategies to keep it at bay.  If there were
more guava and more birds in the immediate vicinity, I might have a greater
degree of invasion by guava.  And so on...

John Schinnerer
Cultural & Ecological Designing
Human Habitat Design
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