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Wed May 4 18:08:57 EDT 2011

relatively new to PC it is my understanding based on gleanings
from this list over the years (started as permaculture-mg, then
migrated to the pc list at UNC then on to this PC list at MetaLab, for
those interested in the history of our forum - and I have archives of
nearly every post made) that those wishing to teach a course they
call "permaculture"  must have completed and gotten a certificate
from an accredited permaculture design course. They are free to use
the term "permaculture freely within their course. They are not
permitted to use any copyrighted writings or artwork of Bill Mollison
without his permission or the permission of his designated
representative. I gather from Bill's copyright reassertion that those
with PDC certificates are free to reinvent the PC wheel, add new
spokes or expande the circumference as they wish _and_ call it
permaculture. I think he encourages anyone to roll their own homebrew
PC rather than pirate his (i.e. his books, artwork, etc.). I guess
this is the sticking point: are there any PC standards to follow when
exploring the possibilities of expanding the horizons of permaculture
thinking and technology.

ANyone have answers or thoughts on this topic?


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