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Wed May 4 18:08:57 EDT 2011

Whatever you think of <U>that</U>......the fact remains that Permaculture a=
s a philosophy and as a practice provides the<U> vision of continuity</U>, o=
f food being available again next year whether you plant anything more or no=
t.....the asparagus you planted 7 years ago will come up again, the lambs qu=
arters will re-seed itself, the nopalitos will still be there for the harves=
ting. <BR>
 For too long we have, as a culture, thought of children as the providers f=
or the tomorrows instead of the earth's bounty. <BR>
 The goading of grandparents and pastors to be fruitful and multiply has re=
sulted in less long-range security instead of more, as more and more land is=
 taken up with malls and pavement and apartments and tract homes to provide =
space and jobs for more and more people, and for agribusiness to provide for=
 millions who have no knowledge of gardening let alone permaculture if they =
do have land.  It had been years since I had access to good land and helped =
plant and harvest and share butternut squash......then a small CSA garden wa=
s planted and I got to eat fresh okra for the first time and ate corn off th=
e cob in the garden.  Now, I have a little garden and the tomatoes and squas=
h are thriving to my delight.  My dream is to enrich a corner of high desert=
 and plant permaculture crops.  Having permaculture when you may have to mov=
e in a few months and the next people there may just mow down what you've nu=
rtured is another issue to consider.<BR>
  Permaculture can surely be a real Vision to promote to neighbors and rela=
tives and preachers and teachers.  If the people will lead, the leaders will=
 follow?    A friend got to give a sermon recently while minister was on vac=
ation......she spoke on stewardship and blew milkweed seed into the audience=
.....I hope she asked them to catch the seed and plant it far and wide to re=
store that small part of the ecological balance for monarch butterflies.  <B=


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