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Wed May 4 18:08:57 EDT 2011

"Armed with trowels, seeds and imagination, the idea is to garden
everywhere and anywhere."

Admiable enthusiasm represented in your post, Graham, as I understand
that earth people get a little seed-drunk around May Day. Perhaps,
however, a little "grounding" will be helpful:

1. The word "Guerrilla" has at it's root meaning "War", and is
thereforefore not a good mate with "gardening" .

2. Mass planting through mob design doesn't exactly fit the
permacultural "Observation first" admonition. Is gardening "everywhere
and anywhere" intelligent design?

3. Who's responsible for caring for the plantings after the dust
settles? What if the "bobbies" decide that the traffic
cone-as-hanging-basket has caused three accidents by the next day?

Again, I believe your intentions are admirable. However, I suggest a
traditional rutting in the fields to annoint the earth with fertile
juices as ultimately more effective for druidic types. Either that or
plan your garden activities to be fully supported by the community and
constabulary prior to next year's "Pax Gardena" activities.

The King Stag and Goddess get it on today...comrades!

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