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Wed May 4 18:08:57 EDT 2011

"Armed with trowels, seeds and imagination, the idea is to garden everywhere and anywhere. An urban
adventure at the threshold of nature & culture, Guerrilla Gardening is about taking back our own
time and space from capital. Guerrilla gardening is creative autonomous work, work that is about
LIVING, not 'working' to 'make a living'. Picture thousands of Guerrilla Gardeners, they have come
to take back what was once theirs, to transform a symbol of capitalism, to return urban land to
it's real usefulness- as provider of food, as public space where people meet face to face, discuss
and participate directly in the remaking of their own city.

Come prepared and ready to get your hands dirty. Bring with you everything you need to make a
Guerrilla garden; saplings and seeds in earth and containers- subvert the packaging of capital;
turn designer trainers into plant pots, traffic cones into hanging baskets. A bag of earth and a
bottle of water to water your plants.
vegetable sedlings, flowers, herbs, fertile green fingers and red hot desires, and all you need for
merrymaking. Start planting now....."

Cheers for now,

Graham Burnett
35 Rayleigh Avenue
Westcliff On Sea
Essex, UK

South East Essex LETS

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