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Hi Arina, I too started out raising chicks on commercial chick food because
even the organic poultry breeders mag said to. AfterwArds I got bold and
have never looked back. I think the main thing is to isolate the sitting
hen/s from the rest of the flock in a mobile chicken house so that when the
chicks hatch  you can make sure they are on fresh ground every day and not
contaminated by poo . Make sure water contains are small so that the chicks
cannot drown in them and feed them small amounts frequently (4-5 times a
day)Sounds like a rolls royce diet they are getting at your place I used
the scrapings of the rolled oat porridge + a little milk or egg yolk (must
be room temperature). Keep feeding the hen her grain and soon they can eat
it too. All my beasties love comfrey and I do too
 Cheers, Su

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