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The Food Forest
Permaculture Farm and Learning Center
PO Box 859,  
Gawler, SouthAustralia, SA 5118  
ph/fax 08 85 226450   
email   brookman at  

The Food Forest was originally developed by Annemarie and Graham Brookman
and their children Tom and Nikki, to demonstrate how an ordinary family, with
a typical Australian income can grow its own food and create a productive
and diverse landscape.  Many people began to help with skills and knowledge
handed down from previous generations and others have come up with stunning new
ideas rooted in a fusion of modern science and a commitment to
sustainability. More than ten of these keen, optimistic people now teach
with us in a team which harnesses University and research experience,
practical hands-on skills and a passion for the future of our landscape
and the Planet. The empowerment of people to understand and work with
natural systems is the most exciting part of working at The Food
Forest.   We are committed to the sharing of information through our
courses and field days and at this website you will find some of the 
technical  information that we have learned in 15 years of sustainable 
gardening, farming and building.   We welcome information from other
sources and we are keen to link sites with other information
providers; feel free to link this site to yours or to  suggest it as a
research address for students.   

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I've only just discovered your email network and I'm not sure who I'm
talking to which is a bit disconcerting
Could someone in the know tell me who (very roughly) and how many people
are on the network and where they are mainly based and whether there is
a rolling list of network members which can be accessed
We started a group called Perminet in SA but noone had time to nurture
it...your arrangement is much more electronically sophisticated (the
best is in the usual)
I was able to solve a problem for a local here as a result of accessing
an email interchange on your network between Martin Anda and others in
Feb 1998!

A bit about our operation at home
Called The Food Forest its a 35 acre Permaculture demo property
producing 160 varieties of food and featuring free range poultry,
certified organic veg and fruit, cat and fox proof fencing, strawbale
accom. We run about 14 short courses annually including PDC, fruit and
Nut prod, Organic Veg, Building with strawbales, Free Range Poultry,
Farm Forestry, Bush foods, Composting Toilet and Grey water systems etc
Our Website is at
email here is  graham.brookman at  (and at home) 
brookman at
Cheers Graham Brookman


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