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Wed May 4 18:08:57 EDT 2011

a) Analysis of the worlds economic and household-problems. Coming to the ro=
fp the problems

b) Recipes ans solutions for "a better world" or just a better/cheaper

There need not to be anything like "permaculture" for a+b! Permaculture as
a hole is more a holistic science (as a friend of mine said). I do not wnat=
suggest to give up the more holistic or scientific approach. But this truel=
y is
something for the elite of permaculturists. This may lead to a bunch of new
directions in the academic fields of research and students-edutainment in

Permaculture will get the more influence the more its ideas are integrated =
the whole system. I think this is very different in Australia, yet? If what=
heard is right?

Thilo Pfennig=20

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