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Sorry if this is off-topic, but it's Fukuoka-related and this thread keeps 
reminding me to ask around:

Would anyone on this list be willing to help me purchase one of his books from 
an online Japanese site?

Contact me off-list if you can help (or if you want to hear the long story 
behind my request)

Thanks to all,

Hi Robin,

Thanks for this.  

Fukuoka's way of communicating tends to lead to misunderstanding.  This is not 
just due to an East/West communications gap.  Even in Japan, he has always been 
an eccentric and outsider who was not understood by the majority.  Well, that in 
itself is also understandable.  If we have a deep direct insight into something, 
it can be very difficult, or even impossible, to communicate this adequately to 
others.  We have to struggle for words to express what cannot be expressed in 
words, because whichever word we chose, there is always a way to misrepresenting 

In the present instance, I would guess that he uses the idea of loosening the 
soil with dynamite to tell us just how hard the soil was before and how much 
better it was then, after using his method for a number of years.  So, lets be 
clear about this, dynamite (even if he had actually used it at one point in 
time) has nothing to do with Fukuoka's farming method or idea of nature.  So 
much can be understood.


PS: I have studied oriental culture and languages for nearly 40 years, lived 
many years in Japan and have experimented for over 10 years with natural farming 
in a semi-arid climate on poor soil that are as different from Fukuoka's native 
climate and soil as they can be. If I get some time, I will translate some other 
writings from the Japanese to show that natural farming is a reality and far 
more than Fukuoka.

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