[permaculture] How to make the big bucks with permaculture

Bob Waldrop bwaldrop at cox.net
Wed Mar 30 10:40:50 EDT 2011

Me too.  I never click on a link that doesn't have an adequate explanation 
to it.  I figure if it wasn't worth the time of the original poster to 
explain why this was interesting, then it isn't worth my time to click on 
the link.

Bob Waldrop, OKC

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From: "jenny Nazak" <jnazak at yahoo.com>
> When people post links, particularly links to videos, I would really 
> appreciate along with the link, at least a sentence or two about the gist 
> of the video, to help people decide whether they want to take time out to 
> click on the link, load the video, etc.
> I don't always have the bandwidth (either electronic, or mental) to deal 
> with a video.
> I wonder if any others feel this way too.
> Jenny

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