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Subject: [SANET-MG] Latter-Day Luther Nails Troubling Thesis to GM Farm 
& Food Citadels
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Dear SANET readers
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Miigwech, Steven

After trucking across the high plains for five hours, and casting my 
eyes over perhaps 100,000 acres or more of winter's still deathly gray 
industrial farmland, I came face to face with the newly famous Dr. Don 
M. Huber in the cave-dark meeting room of the Black Horse Inn just 
outside the American Heartland village of Creighton, Nebraska.

On the morning of March 24, along with about 80 farmers and Extension
agents, I listened as Huber discoursed with erudition and eloquence upon
industrial farming practices that may be impacting nearly every morsel 
of food produced on the planet, and that subsequently may also be having
staggeringly serious health consequences for plants, animals, and human 

Huber is emeritus soil scientist of Purdue University, and a retired 
U.S. Army Colonel who served as an intelligence analyst, for 41 years, 
active and reserves. In Nebraska, he stood ramrod straight for three 
hours with no notes and spoke with an astonishing depth and range of 
knowledge on crucial, controversial matters of soil science, genetic 
engineering, and the profound impact of the widely used herbicide 
glyphosate upon soil and plants, and ultimately upon the health of 
animals and human beings....


Steven McFadden
- The Call of the Land -
An Agrarian Primer for the 21st Century

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