[permaculture] Port-Au-Prince and La Gonave

L. Santoyo santoyo at earthflow.com
Fri Mar 18 22:31:27 EDT 2011


I am looking for recommended resources for development works in and around
Port-Au-Prince and La Gonave. Any recent or currently engaged reports of
economic, agricultural, restoration or health development work there would
be very helpful.

I am working with a collaborative team who is, among other things, planning
an urban/rural permaculture development design course in May in
Port-Au-Prince with an additional week-long practicum on the island of La
Gonave.  http://www.loveandhaitiproject.org/about/the-film/

Any web resources, orgs or persons that you can direct me to (or away from)
is very much appreciated.

looking forward,


*L. Santoyo, Director
EarthFlow Design Works

COVOLV: A Sustainable World
COVOLV: Permaculture-Vol 1

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