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Fri Mar 11 13:23:52 EST 2011

Please keep us informed of how they do in Zone 4, we'd like to try some too once we get our microclimates (a la Holzer) into place...

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Subject: [permaculture] Pawpaws; was Re:  Perennial Nonedible Oilseeds
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I had the great opportunity to taste several different varieties last summer at the NAFEX conference in Indiana last summer.  We toured the Purdue University research farm and also Jerry Lehman's farm.  Purdue has a large test plot with many different named and un-named pawpaw varieties.  Jerry has quite a few different varieties of pawpaws as well, though he had fewer ripe ones at his place.  It was my first time to taste a pawpaw as well (even though I've lived for 46 years in pawpaw's native range) and I was delighted.  But what surprised me more was how different the various varieties tasted from each other!  One tasted more tropical; another more custard-y.  The unnamed, unimproved variety I tasted did have a little bit of an after-taste.  Not completely unpleasant, but I did like the named varieties better.  I came home and immediately ordered 14 more named (grafted) varieties to add to the 2 I already had and started my own pawpaw
 patch!  I've also added about another 
 20 pawpaw trees there that are improved, but unnamed varieties and I intended to add at least 3 times that many over the next 2 years as I sprout the seeds I collected from other NAFEX members.  I have seed from improved varieties in KY, Louisiana, and Indiana.  These are seeds produced from breeding two different named varieties.  I went pawpaw crazy!  :-)  Good luck with your trees in Zone 4!

--Leslie (zone 6b or 7a)

On Mar 9, 2011, at 6:25 PM, mIEKAL aND wrote:

> I had never had a pawpaw before & was thinking it was solidly in the
> acquired taste category but I was completely delighted with how they
> taste, sorta mango banana pudding if one had to reduce it to a common
> reference.
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