[permaculture] Nature's Friends

Lawrence London permacultureforum at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 22:30:42 EDT 2011

Nature's Friends

"What is Nature's Friends?
"Bringing heaven to earth" ....
We are a network of people who enjoy relearning how to be honorable
stewards of the planet.  The exhibition site in Victoria, Virginia, 13
acres of woodlands, is just beginning its transformation into
sustainability. It is a GREAT place to study and practice sacred
ecology.  After our designs are completed in August,  this site will
be an appealing repository for native Virginian plants and herbs.
Participants are now building soil for sustainable demonstration
gardens, food forests and botanical sanctuaries. With collective
effort, the existing chaotic look will transform into order this
Our programs and classes provide practical consultations on how to
create sustainable  systems for your land; while also learning to look
for the spiritual lessons God gives us in Nature.
Just as the forest canopy supports mature and maturing trees, this
network simultaneously supports youth and adult participation. Call it
our commitment to cross pollination.  ..We look forward to you joining

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