[permaculture] Bio digester percieved dangers

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Hello Carol,

Basically our investor thinks that setting up a bio digester is just as dangerous (if not more so) as installing a high voltage sub station, and that we should only consider it if we can find an experienced professional to do it.

I Have been trying to convince him that this kind of work is done in many rural locations without any deadly explosions or mass poisonings but he is being quite stubborn about this.

What can I do to change his opinion?


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> Well what do you want to know? 
> Over the years I have had about three  
> successful models and several weren't worth the power to
> blow up.
>    In Tucson we have a real problem with it
> getting too hot so, I  used a 
> camouflage parachute to shade it.
> in the winter I just wrapped up the tank with about six to
> eight inches of  
> old carpeting to hold in the heat.  In retrospect the
> fence should have  
> been the first thing I installed after I got the
> bio-gas  plant going.  Kids 
> are the blain of my bio gas plants existence.  
> What are you specifically interested in?  I can
> blather on for ever  and 
> ever on the subject of biogas. what do you want to know?
> Carol
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