[permaculture] corn gluten meal vs. monsanto

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 31 15:04:06 EST 2011

On 1/31/2011 12:28 PM, John Fritz wrote:
> Why?  Why is it unrealistic to expect anything to come of it (CGM in
> place of RoundUp)? While it appears you would expect a NPSPMDN to be

I meant a NPSPMDN instead of "direct action and non-violent civil 
disobedience", not "Corn Gluten Meal (CGM) and Dried Distiller's Grains 

> successful both concepts would be grass roots efforts which have
> their inherent problems but I don't see any reason to expect one
> would be more successul than the other.

Apples and oranges. A networked cooperative of learners, volunteers, 
buyers and sellers is needed to supplement existing marketing 
opportunities especially for those in need, i.e. living on a very 
limited budget [as a means to drive a monkeywrench into the works of
those seeking to drive those folks into lower economic status becoming 
dependent on welfare aid to survive, while the wealthy class gains 
greater economic status and economic and political power as food/goods 
production and distribution falls under the control of corporate 
agriculture, as opposed to a distributed local system, which has worked 
for thousands of years].
What I see looming on the horizon: those who promoted and campaigned for 
the food safety modernization act, S.510, without small farmer 
exemptions and with GAP will be back trying to get their legislation 
passed. This scenario could result in your not having the right to grow 
and sell a single leaf of arugula to your neighbor without government 
What this means: we need to establish a grower-producer/consumer 
networked exchange system,
locale by locale, region by region until goods can be exchanged across 
the country when there
is an opportunity to do so.

> David Blume's idea is that CGM as a byproduct of locally produced
> ethanol would circumvent Monsanto entirely while eliminating most of
> the transport miles.  Sounds pretty simple to me.

The keyword is local. CGM & DDG is a hotly traded commodity as it is 
used in livestock and pet food. Would they make more money selling it to 
farmers for use as herbicide, keeping in mind its preemergent qualities, 
probably not.
The only answeris to make your own alcohol fuel locally and use the
byproducts in an appropriate way as herbicide.

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