[permaculture] corn gluten meal vs monsanto

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Sun Jan 30 12:03:09 EST 2011

Another flaw seems to be that it's unlikely that natural gas usage results
in nearly the amount of mercury and other heavy metal emissions that result
from burning coal.

John O'Brien

Seek the truly practical material life, but seek it in such a way
that it does not numb you to the spirit that works within it.
Seek the spirit, but not out of spiritual lust or spiritual egoism;
seek it rather because you wish to become selfless in the practical life of
the material world.
Turn to the ancient principle:
"Spirit never without matter, matter never without spirit!"
And say to yourselves:
We will do everything material in the light of the spirit,
and we will seek the light of the spirit in such a way
that it enkindles warmth in us for our practical deeds.
Rudolf Steiner

On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 6:29 AM, John Fritz <johnfritz77 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I agree that direct action/civil disobedience should be considered for the
> immediate concern.  As a direct market challenge to Monsanto though I see
> much value in David Blume's tactic.  In his "Alcohol Can Be A Gas" DVD and
> book of the same name he explains how Corn Gluten Meal (CGM) in particular
> and Dried Distiller's Grains (DDG) in general can be used to supplant
> RoundUp.  When applied to soil after tillling and before the crop seed
> sprouts, CGM is a potent herbicide.  It does not kill all the so-called pest
> plants but suppresses enough of them (about 80% IIRC) so that the crop seed
> has a chance to sprout, get a head start, and out compete the "weeds"
> depriving those that do survive of their needed sunlight. CGM is a resource
> left over after the production of ethanol that is contained in the DDG. This
> whole resource also contains the CGM and that fraction that is not CGM acts
> as a high quality fertilizer.  The biggest obstacle to this strategy is
>  the native conservatism of famers who need to see proof.  If this can be
> shown I see no reason why farmers would not abandon Monsanto's high cost
> products that limit the farmer's options.
> Any ideas on strategy to get the word out to conventional farmers would be
> appreciated.
> John Fritz, NW Arkansas.
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> Subject: [SANET-MG] Where are the Seeds for GMO Alfalfa Stored? We Need
> to Go There.
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> From: Chrys Ostrander <chrys at THEFUTUREISORGANIC.NET>
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> Folks,
> GMO alfalfa seed might already be getting put on trucks to go to farms
> to be planted this spring.
> See the Center for Food Safety's Press Release:
> http://bit.ly/g6knb5
> Unless there is an immediate court-ordered injunction suspending any
> follow-through from the USDA announcement deregulating GMO alfalfa, we
> must consider direct action and non-violent civil disobedience.
> Monsanto's partner in developing GMO alfalfa is Forage Genetics
> International based in Nampa
>  Idaho (apparently owned by Land O Lakes).
> Forage Genetics International
> P.O. Box 339
> Nampa, ID 83653-0339
> Phone: (208) 466-3568
> Toll Free: (800) 635-5701
> Fax: (208) 466-3684
> info at foragegenetics.com
> http://www.foragegenetics.com/
> Mark McCaslin, PhD
> President
> mccaslin at foragegenetics.com
> Where are the stores of seed for GMO alfalfa located? Let's find them
> and sit down in front of the gates so the trucks can't get out. Does
> anybody know where the seeds are?
> Anyone agree we should consider this?
> Chrys
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> *Chrys Ostrander*
> Cheney, Wa
> chrys at thefutureisorganic.net
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