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The only way I think Certified Organic, or any variation anyone may come
up with to replace it, can survive, with our without the NOP or the
NOSB, is to change laws so farmers who don't want GE can sue when their
non-GE crops and animals get contaminated and win. Look at Percy
Schmeiser in Canada. Never bought from Monsanto, but had to destroy the
legacy seed his family developed because of blow in from a neighboring

As it's been pointed out, there can be no coexistence because of drift.
I wish I was in a business where I got paid if I contaminated someone
else's product. It's the law that needs to change. GE is either a
contaminant, or a technology, based on the definition. I donated to
Percy's legal defense fund, and I donate to other lobbying groups. I'd
love to know how to maximize my meager resources to stop this. I'll take
any suggestions.


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